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Hi! This is Mr Wetyer welcoming you to Big Whistle Music. I would like to take you on a whistle stop tour of my website. My business is Tin Whistles. I think they are the greatest instruments used in traditional folk music.

Call it what you will, the Whistle, Penny Whistle (often spelt Pennywhistle) is a versatile and much travelled wind instrument that is particularly associated with Irish music and the Celtic tradition. Whistles come in many sizes and forms. The pocket-sized High Whistle is the smallest member of this family of woodwind instruments, with a range like a piccolo.

The Low Whistle by contrast is larger than an Irish flute and has one of the most distinctive sounds in Irish music. Its unique sound was used to great effect on the jigs, reels and slow airs of Riverdance and provided the haunting theme for the soundtrack to the film Titanic.

If you are interested in Tin Whistles then my website is the place for you. Here you can purchase Irish Music and Whistle sheet music and learn how whistles are made. You can buy Whistles & Flutes online at my Whistle Shop along with material to help you to learn to play this marvellous instrument. Don't forget to visit my World Wide Whistling Gig Guide and remember to peep into my Special Offers and New Products sections from the world of Penny Whistle Music.

Happy Whistling
Mr Wetyer

Special Offers Original
110 Best Scottish Tunes Book Vol 1. £12.95 £10.95
110 Best Scottish Tunes CD Edition Vol 1. £21.95 £16.95
110 Ireland's Best Carolan Tunes Book. £12.95 £9.95
110 Irish Session Tunes Volume 3 Book £12.95 £10.00
Howard Low Eb Matt Black £118.00 £88.00
The Bodhran DVD £14.99 £9.99
Dixon Nickel Trad D. £21.50 £15.50
The Essential Tin Whistle Toolbox. Grey Larsen. £22.00 £17.00
Big Whistle SV. £13.75 £10.75
Fun With The Tin Whistle. CD Edition. £13.50 £10.00
110 Ireland's Best Tin Whistle Tunes Book 2 CD Edition £21.95 £17.95
Chieftain C Tuneable Mezzo Soprano £139.00 £109.00
A Dossan of Heather. Packie Byrne. £22.50 £15.00
Easy Peasy Tunes 101 CD £11.99 £6.99
Irish Session Tunes 'The Blue Book' £8.95 £6.95
Susato Tuneable Low Eb. L Series. £62.00 £56.00
100 Enduring Irish Session Tunes £10.95 £6.95
100 Evergreen Irish Session Tunes £10.95 £6.95
100 Irish Polkas £10.95 £6.95
Dixon High Eb Whistle. Tuneable. £20.75 £17.75
E Soprano 2 Piece Tuneable Dixon £20.75 £17.75
Low Whistle Book (with tutor CD) £14.99 £11.99
Big Whistle Message Board
Please note we have a new low cost UK contact number, relacing our old 0845 number: 0333 600 60 66

We are very pleased to announce the arrival of another delivery of Jerry Freeman Tweaked Whistles.
Have a look.

Parks Whistles – hand made - with tone rings (mutes)! Plenty back in stock.

More Syns for Big Whistle.
Have a look.

Mr. Dixon has sent some more whistles.
Take a peep.

Carbony Whistles are back in stock. Some have PIPER FINGERING!! Look here!

Lots of Feadogs in stock. Click here to see this excellent budget whistle!
Ask about bulk deals.

Lots of Generation Whistles in brass and nickel. Show me Generations.
Ask about bulk deals.
Big Whistle Testimonials
Read Mr Wetyer's Testimonials and find out what everyone else thinks about the Big Whistle experience.
Featured Products ...
A powerful High C.
A powerful High C.
A very special offer. Cheiftain High C with £30 discount!

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Feadog Black Whistle
Feadog Black Whistle
At last a substantial budget black High D - super whistle, budget price.

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Alto Dixon Trads
Alto Dixon Trads
A stunning range of 4 Alto Brass Trads from Dixon in G/A/Bb & C.

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Aardvark - a rock hard carrier.
Aardvark - a rock hard carrier.
The Aardvark 1 is a unique hand made hard leather carrier, specifically developed to carry and protect the ‘Generation’ type of whistle in the keys of C, D & Eb. An ideal gift for the whistler.

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Complete Irish Whistle Starter Pack
Complete Irish Whistle Starter Pack This special combination of top products has been selected by Mr.Wetyer - an excellent starter pack.

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The Big Whistle Bag Is Back!
The Big Whistle Bag Is Back!
The ultimate, versatile, professional Whistle/Flute carrier is back in stock! Limited supplies.

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