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Find out more information about the makers of our wonderful whistles, flutes and other instruments.

Shush Whistles
Shush Whistles - 12/08/2013
‘Shush’ Whistles are made at a secret worldwide location especially for Big Whistle Music. They are the quietest whistles we stock, requiring minimal breath output and are highly suited for environments where only subdued practice is acceptable. Currently using the ever-popular High D Green Head Brass Generation Whistle, 'Shush Tweaks' have perfected the art of voicing whistles quietly. The head is free, so it slides on the body tube making the whistle tuneable. ..
Jerry Freeman Tweaked Whistles
U.S.A. based Jerry Freeman has built a commendable worldwide name for his considerable creativity and technical know how when it comes to enhancing the voice and playability of a whistle. We all love and enjoy playing on many different standard whistle models. However, a great deal of eminent whistlers fully endorse that once a whistle has been "tweaked" by Jerry, it becomes a much better instrument – - cleaner and easier playing, without buzzes, rattles and squawks, and with th..
Alba Whistles
Alba Whistles - 07/05/2014
Alba Whistles are handcrafted in the Highlands of Scotland. They have a real look and an identity of their own. Stacey O’Gorman (pictured) the Director of Alba Whistles, has designed a special feature, to add to the end of the beautifully finished brushed aluminium body. This is a synthetic fipple plug made from water resistant ‘Albanite’. There is also a novel mouthpiece with a curved wind way to reduce moisture problems.  Alba Whistles are available in a range of keys. Their prici..
Cillian O’ Briain
Cillian O’ Briain - 07/05/2014
Cillian O’ Briain is known and respected internationally as a superb Uilleann Pipe Maker. Cillian is also a mighty fine musician.  He has been making pipes in Dingle, County Kerry for approximately over 20 years. Previous to that he worked with Kenneth Jones a Pipe Organ Builder, assisting him to voice organ pipes. Cillian’s work is now focussed primarily on supplying equipment and materials for Uilleann Pipe Makers. The Improved Whistle however, Cillian’s brainchild, cont..
Clarke - 07/05/2014
The Clarke Tin Whistle Company was founded by Robert Clarke (born 1816, Suffolk). Robert worked as a farm labourer but used his musical talents to supplement his low wages, he soon started hand producing penny whistles. He made the necessary tools with the help of a local blacksmith, and made his first whistle in 1843. Needing to broaden his market away from rural Suffolk, he loaded up his handcart and made the 150-mile journey to New Moston, a close suburb of Manchester. He soon built p..
Tony Dixon
Tony Dixon - 07/05/2014
Tony Dixon is a maker based in Devon, England and has been making flutes, pipes and whistles for many years. He is an accomplished musician, recording artist and a discerning technician, as a result he has an excellent quality control policy. Whilst he makes instruments from traditional materials such as Maple & Cherry, Tony’s technical knowledge gave him the confidence to experiment in making his very popular whistles and flutes from polymer. His innovation hasn’t s..
Goldie Whistles
Goldie Whistles - 14/05/2014
Colin Goldie lives in Germany and enjoys a global reputation as a meticulous craftsman, innovator and whistle maker. Goldie’s are always in great demand and this name has become a byword associated with quality assurance and dependable sound quality. Colin has a strong Celtic family background. He enjoyed music making as a child and soon became strongly influenced by Irish Bands. In later years, whilst reading the message boards he was interested to read about P..
Parks Whistles
Parks Whistles - 19/10/2012
Here at Big Whistle we never cease to be amazed by the ingenuity within the wonderful world of whistle making. For years we have known that there is a desire for a quiet whistle and have been keen to provide these (in various types) through our business. What a great idea therefore to have a whistle that can have what is in effect a volume control! Carey Parks has done just that with his unique Tone Ring on the Parks Every Whistle. Intrinsic to this mouthpiece design is a dial…..