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The Essential Guide to Irish Flute and Tin Whistle

The Essential Guide to Irish Flute and Tin Whistle
Maker: Mel Bay
Product Code: The Essential Guide to Irish Flute and Tin Whistle
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We are pleased to announce the arrival of this publication from Grey Larson. Grey is an absolute scholar and brilliant exponent of the Irish Flute and Tin Whistle.

It took Grey eight years to complete this work. It consists of 480 pages. This publication used to include two CDs but the new version has links to Online Audio instead (a method many publishers are now using). This is possibly the most comprehensive book yet written for any traditional Irish instrument. It is suitable for the beginner, right to the highly advanced player of Irish flute, tin whistle, or Boehm-system (modern) flute.

‘The Essential Guide to Irish Flute and Tin Whistle’ will help you learn a compelling new approach to Irish ornamentation, it goes far beyond previous methods described in print. Contents include: a new simplified system for notating Irish ornamentation, 49 ornamentation exercises, essential advice for Boehm-system flute players from Joanie Madden (of Cherish the Ladies), Noel Rice, and Chris Abell. It helps you learn to play the modern flute in a traditional Irish style, more eloquently with in-depth advice on breathing, articulation, phrasing, variation, and practice techniques.

There is thorough guidance on flute and tin whistle embouchure (tone production) and ergonomics (your physical relationship with the instrument). Grey gives advice on how to play in a relaxed way. This is vital information for the absolute beginner and advanced player alike.

There are thorough sections on Irish music theory and history. This will enlighten you on the music of the masters, with 27 meticulous transcriptions of great Irish flute and whistle performances; recorded and released between 1925 and 2001. These transcriptions bring to light, in marvellous detail, the ornamentation, phrasing, breathing, articulation, and variation styles of Matt Molloy (of The Chieftains,
The Bothy Band, and Planxty), Joanie Madden (of Cherish the Ladies), Seamus Egan (of Solas), Kevin Crawford (of Lunasa), Cathal McConnell (of The Boys of the Lough), Mary Bergin, Willie Clancy, Séamus Ennis, Micho Russell, John McKenna, Tom Morrison and eleven other important players; along with the author's analysis of each performance, you'll find photographs and biographical information about each musician. These transcriptions present the first deep, analytical, and comparative look into the playing styles of past and present masters of Irish flute and tin whistle.

……essential reading for anyone interested in getting it right. Matt Molloy (Chieftains and the Bothy Band).

Mr. Wetyer says: this book is brilliantly detailed. It’s got a lot in it, so it is heavier to post than most other items in my shop.

Gary from Wiltshire says: I'm at the office at the moment (dammit) so can't give you a decent review until later, but even a cursory first glance screams that this is surely the definitive must-have guide to Irish Flute and Tin Whistle ever published in one volume.

Thank's Gary.

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