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Dixon Brass Trad Soprano C Whistle

Dixon Brass Trad Soprano C Whistle
Dixon Brass Trad Soprano C Whistle
Maker: Dixon
Product Code: Dixon Brass Trad Soprano C Whistle
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Price: £28.75
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Since their introduction to the whistle market, Dixon Trad Whistles (in D, Eb & E) set a new bench mark in whistle production, providing a moderately priced whistle that is capable of being played to a high standard. The demand and acclaim for this instrument has been remarkable.

Those ingenious Dixon people have been at it again designing and producing a further range of Soprano and Alto Whistles that still provide incomparable value and quality in the keys of C/Bb/A & G.

These are fully tuneable instruments with brass bodies and ABS heads. They don’t make massive demands on wind requirement. There’s a good ‘chiffy’ sound – very slight back pressure and moderate volume output. Basically, they’re easy to blow and sound great. Clearly a must to any whistle collection.

This, the C Trad is a peach of a whistle. Made from soprano sized tubing there is a wonderful tone to this instrument, providing a mature timbre that other C’s cannot rival.

Whistle Specification
Key C
Type Soprano
Pitch High
Carrier Yes
Colour Natural Brass Body, Black Head.
Material Brass & ABS
Size / Weight
Weight 96.00g
Length 321.00mm

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