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Shush Generation

Shush Generation
Shush Generation Shush Generation Shush Generation
Maker: Shush
Product Code: Shush Generation
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Price: £35.00
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Especially tweaked for Mr. Wetyer by ‘Shush’ we have The Generation Folk Whistle that has been modified to play extra especially quiet. Since we’ve had this whistle on the site Mr. Shush has been very busy, carefully tweaking whistles to play quietly in the Shush Workshop.

So quite simply a very quiet whistle – this is currently the quietest we have. The ‘Shush’ is perfect for intimate practice. Additionally it’s also tuneable.

Beware with this instrument – you hardly need to breath down it to play a note. So there you go – by ‘Shush’ you know who – a very, very quiet whistle.

Recommended for the player who is looking for specifically quiet playing qualities.

John Slavin from The Living Tradition says: I can't believe how quiet the Generation (Shush) is, it will be great for some late night practice.

T. Howey from Woodford says: I received my order today, a Shush High D (all is well in case you were wondering), and I must say, this whistle is pretty damn good! It has the exact volume I was searching for - brilliant! The tone also suits the whistle perfectly - gentle and non-invasive. I really think this whistle is just fantastic overall.

Chris from Lancashire says: Just a quick note to say thanks for the Shush Whistle which was received yesterday. I must say the Whistle is great,I will now be able to practice more without waking too many of the neighbours !!!
A good idea and a nice little quiet Whistle.

Currently out of stock as of 25/02/21. We're doing our best to get fresh Shush whistles on the site.

Whistle Specification
Key D
Tuneable Yes
Type Soprano
Pitch High
Carrier No
Colour Brass/Green Head
Material Brass/ Plastic Head
Size / Weight
Weight 38.00g
Length 295.00mm

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