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110 Ireland's Best Tin Whistle Tune Book (CD Ed)

110 Ireland's Best Tin Whistle Tune Book (CD Ed)
110 Ireland's Best Tin Whistle Tune Book (CD Ed)
Maker: Mally
Product Code: 110 Ireland's Best Tin Whistle Tune Book & CD
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110 of the best whistle tunes in any tin whistle player’s repertoire, specially chosen and arranged by on of Ireland’s top players and teachers. Graded by difficulty for everyone from the beginner to the advanced player.

The book has a brief passage for beginners for reading musical notes and diagrams, there is also a small passage on Ornamentation.

This tune book stands out from many others in the manner in which it grades its tunes. There are 7 sections, Beginners A, Beginners B up to the end of this section fingering tablature is included under each note. When Improvers A, Improvers B, Advanced A and Advanced B appear you are expected to go it alone.

The selections and range of tunes used linked with the use of tablature is very good. Also many players will find the inclusion of chords on all tunes useful.

Two types of this book are stocked one with the accompanying twin CD and one without.

The accompanying Soundtrack Double CD has each of the 110 Tunes featured upon it and represents excellent value without compromising upon product quality.

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