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Clarke Tin Whistle Tutorial Set

Clarke Tin Whistle Tutorial Set
Clarke Tin Whistle Tutorial Set
Maker: Clarke
Product Code: WTCD
Availability: In Stock
Price: £34.00
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A very comprehensive and thorough tutor pack, complete with all you need to get you started on the tin whistle. This is a unique pack that has something in it for players of all levels. For beginners there's an easy to use learning method. If you’re an intermediate player there's a great collection of traditional music too....AND - if you are advanced there's something for you too - a clear and concise guide to ornamentation.

The book and CD is widely held up as a first choice for the beginner and intermediate player.

The Clarke Tin Whistle is a classic too - so you have it all here. Written by the highly influential Bill Ochs - this is a crucial piece of kit for very little investment.

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