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Instant Tin Whistle - Folk Book

Instant Tin Whistle - Folk Book
Maker: Mally
Product Code: Instant Tin Whistle - Folk Book
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Price: £5.95
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Without doubt the most popular and accessible whistle tutor that we sell. Superbly and painstakingly illustrated. Instant Tin Whistle gives you all the basics, simply and clearly. This has to be the easiest route to learning the tin whistle. Each note on the stave has fingering tablature printed underneath it.

As the bulk of the material chosen for Instant Tin Whistle is based around songs – some lyrics are included too and does make the learning process easier - for children and adults alike. The book encourages ensemble work as it has such broad appeal – not just to whistlers. Many folks buy each edition (Popular, Scottish & Irish). Instant Tin Whistle ‘Folk’ includes numbers such as: Bobby Shaftoe, New York Girls, Sam Hall, The Leaving of Liverpool, Maggie May, Captain Pugwash and many more!

Mr. Wetyer says: yes, play at an instant, have fun, see it all written and illustrated clearly. Instant Tin Whistle – it does exactly what it says on the cover!

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