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Freeman Blackbird High C Whistle

Freeman Blackbird High C Whistle
Freeman Blackbird High C Whistle Freeman Blackbird High C Whistle
Maker: Freeman Tweaked Whistles
Product Code: Freeman Blackbird High C Whistle
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Price: £44.00
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The Jerry Freeman tweaked Blackbird is a standard body penny whistle noted for its pure, birdlike voicing, especially in the high register. It plays clean and pure throughout its range and records beautifully.

Hardcore traditionalists love the Blackbird because it has playing characteristics similar to the traditional mass produced whistles, but with a sweeter, cleaner voicing and smoother playability. It requires gentle breath control, especially in the lowest notes. The Blackbird is medium in loudness, quieter than some whistles, but with a bright, clear timbre that carries well.

Blackbird vs. Mellow Dog comparison:

The Freeman tweaked Blackbird is a quieter whistle than the Freeman tweaked Mellow Dog. The Blackbird has a purer (you could say "less complex") voicing, especially in the upper register, which is very birdlike, hence the name.

The Blackbird requires more subtle, gentle breath control, whereas the Mellow Dog will accept a more forceful breath. The Blackbird is a standard body whistle; the Mellow Dog is a wide body whistle.

In addition to being a lovely sounding whistle that advanced players enthusiastically endorse, the Blackbird is recommended for beginning players as they develop breath control. Although it requires a gentle breath in the lowest notes, the whistle is very clean playing and consistent throughout its range, so it will reward very quickly, the practice needed for a beginner to master its playing characteristics.

(Type in photograph is a Blackbird D. Please note the Blackbird head is now green and not black as pictured).

Whistle Specification
Key C
Type Soprano
Pitch High
Carrier No
Colour Nickel Body, Black Head
Material Nickel coated body. Black ABS head.
Size / Weight
Weight 44.00g
Length 325.00mm

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