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Freeman Mellow Dog High C/D Whistle Set

Freeman Mellow Dog High C/D Whistle Set
Freeman Mellow Dog High C/D Whistle Set Freeman Mellow Dog High C/D Whistle Set
Maker: Freeman Tweaked Whistles
Product Code: Freeman Mellow Dog High C/D Whistle Set
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Price: £51.00
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The Freeman Mellow Dog is a classic whistle.

It is known the world over - by folks that know - for its purity and quality of sound, yet amazingly it is still a budget instrument. That’s the beauty of Jerry Freeman’s whistles, sheer class for a modest financial investment.

The Mellow Dog has a wider body (similar to a High C Whistle) and produces a mellow and velvety timbre, but it still retains a sweet warm sound. The head of the Mellow Dog started life on a standard C whistle, whilst the body is made by Jerry himself.

It’s a favourite session instrument for Irish musicians who like to blow that bit harder – but don’t let that put you off if you’re an entry level musician. This is a great choice for the beginner - it’s still easy to play and handle yet still has characterful sound.

Here’s the C/D set, which has always been a popular combination here at Big Whistle. Two bodies one head. The C Mellow Dog tube is a standard body C whistle – unlike Mellow Dog (in D). The C Dog is exactly the same as a key of C Freeman Blackbird except for the brass tube and green colour of the top.

In a nutshell – a totally brilliant combi whistle C/D set - and yet again stunning for the cost.

Tweaked whistles may have slight marks on them from the tweaking stage, these marks will not have an impact on playability - but if you want a perfect looking whistle, you may be better avoiding a tweak.

Whistle Specification
Key DC
Type Soprano
Pitch High
Carrier No
Colour Brass Body, Green Plastic Head
Material Brasss body. Green ABS head.
Size / Weight
Weight 150.00g
Length 298.00mm

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