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Shush Feadog C.

Shush Feadog C.
Shush Feadog C. Shush Feadog C.
Maker: Shush
Product Code: Shush Feadog C.
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Price: £27.00
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Mr. Shush has often told Mr Wetyer that he would like to have a go at Shushing our best selling whistle the Feadog, so we let him have a go. All we can say is the tweak has made a really charming practice whistle.

This tweak (as it is a C Whistle and has a bigger bore) is slightly louder than the Shush Feadog D and Generation Shush. The tone however is rounded and sensitive but still gives the response required for a whole range of playing techniques.

It’s fully tuneable and handled with respect it should serve really well as an intimate practice whistle.

A characterful gentle instrument that will keep you fully entertained.

Well done Mr. Shush.

Case not included.

Whistle Specification
Key D
Tuneable Yes
Type Soprano
Pitch High
Carrier No
Colour Brass body, green head
Material Brass body and blade. Plastic head.
Size / Weight
Weight 44.00g
Length 336.00mm

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